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June 4, 2020

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Pensacola Police Cadets Meet Homeless At The Alfred-Washburn Center

May 4, 2015



On April 23rd the Police came calling on the Society's Alfred-Washburn Center.

Police Cadets that is. In an effort for cadets to have a better understanding who the homeless are and to see a new perspective of who are the people that are homeless in Pensacola.

"It was a terrific experience for our guests and the Police Cadets", said Frank Beovich, Administrator of the AWC. Frank had the chance to talk with the Cadets and introduced them to some of the Center's guests.

The Cadets also got the chance to meet one on one with some of the AWC guests.

"It was wonderful. The cadets met with the homeless at their level and not as superiors", said Julie Perez a volunteer at the Alfred-Washburn Center, "They were interested in all we do", she said.


Donated Storage Shed

April 23, 2014

The Alfred-Washburn Center (AWC) received a large storage shed donated by American Shed and Yard Buildings of Pensacola. The owners, Bob & Karen Sanborn, wanted to make a difference in the lives of the homeless who visit the AWC each day to shower, do laundry, receive clothing and obtain food. The shed greatly alleviates the shortage of storage space resulting from the loss of the main building by fire. The individuals in the photo (left to right) are Chuck Porter, AWC Director, Karen Sanborn, Bob Sanborn and two of their employees.

Miss Daisy Visits The Awc

December 24, 2013

Monday morning Daisy Van Alstine and her parents, Tim and Kathy, distributed Dollar General gift cards to the Alfred-Washburn Center clients. This is the Van Alstine’s 5th year handing out the gift cards at the Center and the fourth for Miss Daisy. Pictured with the Van Alstine family is Chris Hawkins, one of the grateful recipients. Daisy is 11 years old and she is a sixth-grader at Saint Benedict Catholic School in Elberta, AL. Many thanks to the Van Alstine family for giving their time and treasure to brighten the lives of the homeless.

Arson Suspected

December 24, 2013

The Florida State fire Marshal’s Office posted a sign at the Alfred-Washburn Center (AWC) yesterday announcing that they suspect the fire that destroyed the service building on the evening of December 9, 2013 was arson. It is hard to believe that someone would intentionally destroy a building that has served as a “home” to the communities’ homeless for 13 years. If you have any information about the person or persons who may have set the fire, please contact the State Fire Marshal’s Office Arson Control at 453-7803 or (877) 662-7766.

As we enter the joyful Season of Christmas, please keep the homeless in your prayers. Many will find no room in local shelters and will spend Christmas outside in homemade shelters just as Jesus did when Mary and Joseph did not find room in the inn. If you would like to assist the AWC in rebuilding the Center’s service building please send your donations to PO Box 17062, Pensacola, Florida 32522 or visit our web page at and donate via PayPal. Please help us to quickly and fully reopen our doors. Thank you in advance for your generosity. The volunteers at the AWC wish you a Blessed and Joyful Christmas Season.

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